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'this book speaks to frontline associates, managers, leaders, CEOs, and owners alike. It's real issues with real solutions.'

Horst Schulze, Founding President and COO of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.

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Book CoverExceptional Customer Service: Going Beyond Your Good Service to Exceed the Customers’ Expectations. Ford, McNair, Perry. 2001. Adams Media. Bost

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"Those Annoying Customers" David McNair

"Customer Service: I just don't get it!" David McNair

"An Investment in Your People" David McNair

"Customer Service: Peeves and Pleasures" David McNair

"Thanks for Wasting my Time!" David McNair

"Service from the Heart" David McNair

"Customer Confidentiality" David McNair

"Doing What's Right" David McNair

"The Power of First Impressions" David McNair

"Taking Ownership" David McNair

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"You cannot judge your customers by their cover." Bill Perry

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Numerous additional articles in the Charleston Regional Business Journal by Bill Perry can be accessed by going to the CRBJ Archives.


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